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Balustrades, Handrails, Fire Stairs and Balconies Upgrades.
Height Regulations and Requirements.
Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliance and Requirements for Height Regulations

Fire Safety Upgrades
Fire Protection Orders Audit
Council Fire Orders Audit
Fire Safety Orders Audit
Building Code of Australia compliance
The Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000, Part 9
The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
The Building Code of Australia
We are also Fully Licensed and Insured .

If you havenít had a Council Fire Safety Order inspection as yet it will happen.

If you have any of the above you need to call us at Advanced Welding.
Advanced Welding will take care of all your Requirements for Balustrades, Handrails, Fire Stairs Veranda and Balconies upgrades to comply with Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliance and Requirements for Height Regulations.
For more information visit: http://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/

The current Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements are that a balcony, veranda, balustrade or floor landing must not be less than 1 metre (1000mm) from the ground.
The gap between the balcony, veranda or balustrade surface to the bottom rail must be no more than 100mm.

All internal, external handrails and fire stairs have to be 865mm above the nosing of the stair and 1 metre (1000mm) above of any access path, balcony,  floor landing.

Any opening must not allow a 125mm sphere (ie childs head) to pass through. So the vertical components must not be more than 125mm apart.

Balustrades balcony, veranda or barriers should be constructed such that a person cannot fall over or through them while at the same time restricting a child crawling through them. Openings in balustrades or barriers must be constructed so that any opening does not permit a 125mm sphere to pass through it where for stairs this space is tested above the nosing line.

Please view our balustrades and handrails designs

Advanced Welding Specialising in Council Fire Orders - Balustrades, Handrails, Fire Stairs, veranda and Balconies Upgrades. Contact us Fully Licensed...

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